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" An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you ef you don't watch out! "

Corporate media is a psychopath , there's always a boogeyman out there coming to "git " you. Always some communist or terrorist or "weapons of mass destruction" lurking to destroy us. Some illustration of an entity coming to steal all our comforts away. "Keeping you in the know" because you need to know right now about things going on in places thousands and thousands of miles away. It's almost as relevant as inhabitants of the Egyptian court of King Sneferu in late 2,613 BC. Every minute of every day presents us with untold options for filling our minds with the mania, exploits, disasters, furies, violence, conflicts, insanity and cataclysms of strangers around our benighted planet. Always, news organizations speak of our need to know - and to need to know right now. This isn't going on in our living rooms but it's always there on screen for our engagement. It's truly amazing how controlled our society is by corporate media. Neil Postman wrote a great book about lure of media in 2005, "Amusing Ourselves to Death" , he describes the evolution of media and what big tech has done to keep useless media literally at our fingertips. I can't really mention Neil's book without also including " Manufacturing Consent " by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky..

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