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Photographers Fort Wayne, IN Photographers Fort Wayne,  Photographers Fort Wayne, Indiana Photography Fort Wayne, Indiana

Photographers Fort Wayne


As someone who spent decades producing photography in the era of film ; many years in darkrooms , looking at images upside down in the ground glass of sheet film cameras with a hood over your head . Polaroid backs, bellows factors , shutter cables, Fujichrome, Agfachrome , Kodachrome, Rodinal, Agfapan, motor drives.  etc etc etc … It means very little now.
      One thing that will never change about photography is composition and lighting . Effects are not new, there were plenty of manipulation tools in the days of film . No more film processing or soaking your fingers in darkroom chemicals . loading film holders  and film reels in total darkness. Spending less time in darkness and getting your hands wet. Yes, image capture became abundantly easier in the digital era but it did not change the art of photography


 Commercial photography, Fort Wayne, Indiana

 Commercial photography , Fort Wayne, IN

 Commercial photography , Fort Wayne